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About Yakslappers
We are an Active European Guild, who highly compete in WvW, Dominate in SPvP, and Love the lore of PvE. We are a true Hardcore Guild but unite all Casuals at all levels to improve all. The Guild drives our members to be the best in all aspects in Guild Wars 2 and unites everyone in every way possible. Yakslappers discourage zerg groups and reward those who have a Tactical mind and think Battle Plans through before committing to them. Our members are hand-picked from the whole of Europe and I cannot guarantee you a place in our guild due to such interest in the past, but I can guarantee you that each and every member in our guild is Loyal and Committed to our cause and will fight with utmost determination to succeed in every way possible. It is these Brave and Courageous Acts that make The Yakslappers and carve the path for our Future.
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